Ampharos   (#2,  Expedition)
Stage:   Stage 2         HP:   100          Type:   Lightning           Weakness:   F           Resistance:   None
Power:  Energy Connect - Once during your turn (before you attack), you make take one basic Energy cards attached to one of your Benched Pokemon and attach it to your Active Pokemon. This power can't be used if Ampharos is affected by a Special Condition. (Poke-POWER)
Attack:  [2LL] Lightning Strike (40) You may discard all L Energy cards attached to Ampharos. If you do, this attack's base damage is 80 instead of 40.
Retreat Cost:  2      Rarity:  Rare
Artist:  Atsuko Nishida
Pokemon Number:  181
Species:  Ampharos
Subspecies:  Ampharos
Flavor:  Light