Cacturne   (#27,  Power Keepers)
Stage:   Stage 1         HP:   70          Type:   Darkness           Weakness:   F           Resistance:   P
Power:  Poison Structure - Once during your turn (before your attack), if Sidney's Stadium is in play, you may choose 1 of the Defending Pokemon. That Pokemon is now Poisoned. This power can't be used if Cacturne is affected by a Special Condition. (Poke-POWER)
Attack:  [3] Pin Missile (20x) Flip 4 coins. This attack does 20 damage times the number of heads.
Retreat Cost:  1      Rarity:  Uncommon
Artist:  Ken Sugimori
Pokemon Number:  332
Species:  Cacturne
Subspecies:  Cacturne
Flavor:  Scarecrow