Celebi   (#93,  XY Promos)
Stage:   Basic         HP:   70          Type:   Grass           Weakness:   Rx2           Resistance:   None
Power:  Theta Stop - Prevents all effects of your opponent's Pokemon's Abilities done to this Pokemon. (Ancient Trait)

Leap Through Time - When this Pokemon is Knocked Out, flip a coin. If heads, shuffle this Pokemon and all cards attached to it into your deck, and your opponent can't take any Prize cards for it. (Ability)

Attack:  [G] Sparkle Motion - Put 1 damage counter on each of your opponent's Pokemon.
Retreat Cost:  1      Rarity:  Promo
Artist:  Shin Nagasawa
Pokemon Number:  251
Species:  Celebi
Subspecies:  Celebi
Flavor:  Time Travel